Our hourly rate is 114.95$

Unfortunately, we do not install parts purchased outside of our own shop. Every part installed needs to be warrantied by law therefore in order to fully back up that warranty on parts installed at CDF Pro Mécanique, we cannot accept outside parts.

Our team is able to install most bolt-on performance parts. Contact-us to inquire about any performance upgrades to your vehicle. LINK TO CONTACT

Yes, we have equipment to do all types of tire including runflat and exotic car. We have competive pricing on all brands of tires.

We deal with a wide network of suppliers. This allows us to offer our customers more options to suit their personal needs better.

Vehicles can be dropped off at any time, including after hours, using the dropbox located at the main entrance of the shop.

To make an appointment for your car, simply contact us by phone or email or come and visit us onsite. 


We work on just about any vehicle with four wheels and a steering owned for private customers or commercial accounts. Big or small, from a Smart car to a F550, domestic or imported, we can work on it.

CDF Pro Mecanique is certified to work on most diesel vehicles both private and commercial.

Yes. CDF Pro Mécanique has the knowledge and experience to work on most hybrid vehicles.